Your Questions About How Does Reiki Attunement Work

Sandra asks…

is there a hypnotherapsit in ahmedabad, Gujarat?

frankp57 answers:

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Mark asks…


this might be weird but….. I’ve got like an ability to sense some types of energy.

how can I use these energy and turn it to some other? sort of to help my friends whenever I sense something’s wrong with them.

frankp57 answers:

Reiki teachings claim that there is an inexhaustible, universal “life force” spiritual energy, that can be used to induce a healing effect. Believers say that anyone can gain access to this energy by means of an attunement process carried out by a Reiki Master.

Linda asks…

Any crystal experts here?

Something weird happen to me few days ago. One of mine friends asked me if I could give her rose quartz. I gave her one of two that I have. When I gave crystal to her crystal was very cold. She asked me why is so cold and gave me to hold it. I hold crystal for few seconds ( it was cold) and gave her back. After I gave crystal back to her crystal was boiling hot. Any explanation for that?

frankp57 answers:

The rose quartz crystal that you gave to your friend works well with you. The crystal responds to your energy and vibration, causing it to react and become “hot” to the touch due to healing energy being released. If you are attuned to Reiki or other natural energetic healing methods, the crystal will respond to that and help transmit more energy.

Crystals sometimes only respond or work with one person and not work with others. Each crystal carries its own vibration, wisdom and help to give. Since it was your crystal, it may only respond to you with the ‘heat’ and not to anyone else, or the crystal just wasn’t able to work well with your friend without you activating it.

It may be helpful to take your friend to a crystal shop so she could buy her own crystals and find one that works with her if she is seeking out Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz – It emits a calming, cooling energy which can work on all chakras to gently remove negativity and to reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self love. Good to wear in a chaotic or crisis situation. It is the stone of gentle love bringing peace and calm to relationships. It can be used for spiritual attunement to the energy of love. It is a rejuvenating agent for both physical body and the emotions. It is an excellent energy for healing emotional wounds. An excellent stone to give to express friendship.

Mandy asks…

i’d like some answers about magnetism or rieki ? i started with a book?

i started leaning rieki / magnetism from a book but feel i need to talk to someone that really knows what they’re doing. i dont want to pay a master or any other Professional that charges for this kind of healing. i think that we are all capable of practising energy healing, but i’m not convinced that i can only do good. A neighbour came to ask me to try magnetism on her daughter (she had a migraine i think), i placed my hands above her head for a couple of minutes and felt lots of crazy vibrations going in all directions and a heat between her head and my hands. i tried to slow down the vibrations and regulate the flow, i felt the heat cool down slowly and the energy she gave off seemed smoother. five minutes after i finished she was out of bed and telephoning a friend , it was like she never had a migraine. news travelled quickly in the village and a couple of days later another neighbour asked me if i could do something for his leg, hes in his eighty’s and has trouble moving his right leg and has pains from the hip down to his knee. i magnetised him for a good five minutes and told him to let me know later if it helped or not. the next day he came without his walking stick and told me it had been years since he could move it so well and asked if i could a little more to see if it wouldcompletelyetly. i’m waiting for news!
i’d like some advice from those that have tried it and know if theres any kind of risk.
thanks for all help

frankp57 answers:

Reiki cannot do any harm to your physical body or ayone else’s as this can only be used for the highest good of one concerned. I have studied and taught this as well for over 15 years. If you try to use this for harm the energy will leave your system and you will not be able to use this again. Do some more research, contact places for free attunements, as alot of people offer them – myself included, and learn as much as you can. A well informed person is a good one!! Here are some free attunements:

Donna asks…

In A “12 Step” Program? Please Read On…?

I’m a recovering alcoholic myself (5 years this July…).

I was looking online for books, audio CD’s, downloads, etc. Anything about furthering my recovery outside of AA. I go to meetings, but was just wondering what else there is to life after recovery without talking about AA all the time.

I found mostly blog posts (many just regurgitating each other), anti-AA groups and centers (one even says you can keep drinking!!!??!!!), and a couple overpriced books on Amazon from doctors who’ve never been addicted to anything.

So, over the last 6 months, I’ve gone away from the AA literature and read a lot about, and visited lectures on, the spiritual, metaphysical, self-healing arts.

Quite enlightening! And such a “positive” force!!

Paired with AA, these have put so much “into place” in my life, and given me much more hope for me & my family’s future.

Do you know of any books on such topics from the recovering alcoholic or addict’s point of view?

Alternate/Piggyback question: Would YOU (like me) buy it if it existed?

frankp57 answers:

Congratulations on your freedom from alcohol! Alcohol abuse was always “the elephant in the living room” of my home. It is wonderful that you are now able to spare your family the damage that is done to all who share their lives with the addicted.

Reiki has come into my life in the last year (I’m 77) and it might be something for you to look into. I use a number of CD’s from the International House of Reiki when I do my daily work. Bronwen Steine has a CD “Reiki Mediations for Self-Healing” that is available through Amazon. You do not have to have taken a class with the “attunements” to use it.

I personally don’t feel it is helpful to over intellectualize the spiritual aspects of life. Meditation, self-healing, recitation of daily precepts, etc. Is the work you must do to grow. IMO reading a book is not the right path.

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