Your Questions About How Does Reiki Attunement Work

Paul asks…

Any Reki Grand Master From Delhi or NCR?

Pl contanct me

frankp57 answers:

I am a Master/Teacher or higher in five different forms of Reiki.

Karuna, Magnussa Phoenix, Tibetan, Usui Shiki, and Usui Shiki Ryoho.

If you want to learn Reiki; you can receive distance attunements free or nominal charge, and you can learn online free. I HIGHLY recommend “Reiki Plain And Simple” by Vincent Amador

Linda asks…

Spirituality: Am i at all psychic?

Weird things sometimes happen to me that i notice. I get Dejavu all the time. And i’ll be sitting sometimes and random episodes of old tv shows pop into my head, then the next day or so i’ll be watching tv and the exact episode i thought of comes on! This happens all the time. I was also once lying in bed, it was about 11pm or something and all of a sudden the thought just came into my head that the phone was going to ring, and it wasnt like i thought it might, i knew it would then about 3 seconds later it did, this hasnt happened again since tough. Do you think i am at all psychic? If so, how can develope this to become stronger?

frankp57 answers:

I think we all have gifts of varying degrees in psychic abilities. Check your local newspaper – they may have listings and information about local spiritualist churches. I would go along to one or two of these services and see what they are like. In my experience, the people are very nice. From there they will have notices of local development classes and gatherings. Speak to the medium present and other people around you to see if there is anything else going on.

Also, where are you? If you are in Scotland and near Edinburgh, there is the Parapsychology College there where you can do courses in different things.

I am into this as well – I have gained two reiki attunements as well as attending different classes at various times and at one point I was training to be a medium, though it wasn’t right for me at the time.

Whatever you decide to do, just do whatever feels right. If you start going to a group and you decide it’s not for you, then stop going. Listen to your intuition. Also, keep an eye out for Body and Soul events – ie workshops or even days where there is a big gathering of people showing their specialities.

Anyway, this is quite a long answer and hope I haven’t bored you too much. Good luck with it :-)

Charles asks…

Your thoughts on CRYSTALS used in healing and the metaphysical “powers” of crystals?

We interviewed a gentleman for a position in one of our massage therapy programs who demonstrated how holding a quartz crystal near the skin could produce warmth, energy, etc. Frankly, I didn’t feel anything and have an open mind. Are the alleged benefits from use of different crystals REAL or more of a mind over matter deal? I feel if a person is open enough and “works” on their mental, physical, and spiritual health, that in ITSELF would help with the mind-body connection.
I’d appreciate your feedback on this topic.
I wasn’t going to purchase or use any of this. Just want your opinions! Thanks =)
SKYHAND: Your link does not work.

frankp57 answers:

Crystals are known to absorb and radiate energies.If someone has a crystal in their environment and they are habitually negative, then the crystal will absorb this energy, after awhile it will build up and start to magnify this same energy out.

Therefore it is known in metaphysical circles that crystals need to be cleansed with salt or other methods to clear them of toxic build up. There is also alot known about the value of crystals amongst practitioners of feng shui who use them to harness energies of increase (like attracting more money) and conversely to keep things away that do not serve them (like people with ill will) These techniques have been practiced in places like China for centuries and have a solid foundation in metaphysics.

The perception of energy is experienced differently from one person to the next. One person may not feel energy from a certain crystal, yet may from another. Some crystals feel “dead” others have a slow vibration that can be felt, others have a fast frequency. I have seen highly charged crystals emitting energy not unlike a lightning bolt in a very highly charged spiritual environment.

Also just because they have been pulled out of the ground does not mean that they have become inert. I have seen crystals grow tiny clusters along one surface after being in a highly charged Reiki attunement environment for three days.

Crystals are great to use in conjunction with healing modalities, although care needs to be taken when working with people who are very sensitive to energies. Crystals do have the capacity to take up a healing charge which can magnify the benefits of Reiki healing.

Maybe the crystal selected had no affinity with you at that time and this is why nothing was felt. Hope this helps!

Ruth asks…

Is this in any way ghost related?

Okay, back in middle school, 7th grade to be exact, I met this girl in my class. We instantly became friends, but she was kinda weird. She called herself a shaman and carried these paper cards with her with these wierd symbols on them. Of course as kids, we were fascinated by her mystery, but as Im now older, I wonder if ive opened myself up to something. If i can recall, she said each paper card represented a spirit, and she had like 20 of the cards, which she let some of us take home. She told us to go home with them and try to communicate with the spirits. She did give us one warning, she told as not to ask the name of the spirit. I was so ammused that I took the paper cards home and tried. She said that when you do it, and im gonna repeat what SHE said, that it will feel like rings going through your body all over, and then she said that we would die or our hearts would stop for a second, then we would be able to communicate with this entity. Now as kids this all sounded so magical and wonderful, but now I’m just concerned. Her exact instructions were to lay down, hold the paper card in your hand, close your eyes, and concentrate on the spirit and communicating with them. Well, I don’t know if my heart stopped or none of that but, one day, after so many fails, i tried and I actually started to feel something. It was a very strong powerful feeling that took over my body. It did kinda feel like my whole body was ringing. In better terms, you know how your arm of leg feels when if falls asleep, well if felt like that but only in my whole body but not so dull sharp! It didn’t hurt but it was so uncomfortable, I felt uneasy, and it was my WHOLE body. I got so scared and tried to get up but I couldn’t. Not until after a few seconds later, I don’t know if I broke the trance or what but I never did it again. But this brings me to my initial questions. Does anybody know what the hell those cards might have been? Or does anyone know what she was into or doing? And why did she include all of us in it? Now my real question was this. Even though I don’t dare touch anything of that sort, there are times when the ringing in my body comes. Maybe 3-4 times in a year, so it doesn’t happen all the time, but its so scary, every time it happens i can never move, talk, scream or anything. I hate the feeling of it, it makes me feel so uneasy. I don’t know what sparks this, does anyone have any ideas? or have any insight? PLZ help!
I really do need someone’s help or opinion about what they think, this isn’t a joke. I need to know what kinda stuff this girl was into or what she might have involved me in.
Thank you for those of you who answered below, I will look into that, however, some times it happens when I am wide awake, like when I was younger, broad daylight, no sleeping.
Thank you all so much for the advice, I really appreciate it, and it was always all girls that were involved in her group. More details?? well its like I already said, she claimed that you could communicate with these different spirits that have passed through these “notebook” paper made cards with which she had symbols drawn on. She did them herself.

frankp57 answers:

Kids mix things up and your memory could alter things. The cards are probably used as symbols to train your mind to become psychic or go out of body. Ringing is a sign. This has nothing to do with Shamanism. When your body’s energy systems begin to wake up there are mild symptoms. About the heart stopping, well if you are about to go out of body, some people feel the quiet dead stop and then the lift out – and some bounce in and out which confuses the brain. The brain thinks you may have died and has to check, and if you are out of body you stay there until your brain figures out what is going on – so you have paralysis – nothing moves. When your brain realizes you are alive, your astral body can come back in – heavy on the chest, hard to breath – all brain figuring it out. You are fine. This cannot hurt you.
In many training exercises, people use an object also called a talisman, or a symbol (the church cross or rose) to get people to train their brain/mind to do what they want to do. Then you can throw away the talisman/symbol.
Many out of body travel books describe what you may experience when first opening up your energy channels to go out of body, practice psychic work, do healings etc. With a Reiki Attunement your eyes glaze over and you feel very calm and contented for a day or so. It depends what you are trying to do, what symptoms or whatever you want to call it that your body does- you will experience.

Sandy asks…

Help with reading auras?

I used to be into it, and I worked very hard at it but all I could see was a little white and sometimes a greenish/blue thing around peoples’ heads. Was this thier aura or just myself imagining things?

And also, i want to get back into it, any good tips at how I can become really good at it?
DarkWing, im not a leo lol im a cancer.

And im not sure if its a wiccan thing, i know wiccans who can read auras and i know non wiccans who can read auras.

frankp57 answers:

If it’s a hard, static line that follows the shape of the silhouette of the person you’re staring at, it’s just an image retained by your retina from staring too hard and long at one spot.

Energy looks like wisps of coloured, glowing smoke blowing in the wind or layers of convection waves. And the chakras – each with their own specific colours – as revolving spiral galaxies of light.

Usui Reiki attunements are immediate and open up your upper chakras. Tummo Reiki also opens your kundalini.

But you’ll still need regular practice and meditation as unused your chakars will close again to minimal activity. That’s nothing woo-woo about it. I’ve known children as young as seven who’ve taken the attunements and Crystal children who see energy naturally as normal as anything solid and physical.

Another effect is that you will become more clairvoyant-audient-sentient. Seeing auras is only the beginning. :)

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