Your Questions About How Does Reiki Attunement Work

Lisa asks…

wht is attaunment in reiki?

frankp57 answers:

The word is attunement. It is a treatment involving laying the hands on another and channeling energy to specific points in the body to heal. The energy being channeled prana energy, which refers to a vital, life-sustaining force of living beings and vital energy in natural processes of the universe.

Joseph asks…

DOES any one know whats REIKI?


frankp57 answers:

Reiki itself is a Japanese spiritual system that has been used in Japan at least back until the Meiji period, where spiritualist, shaman, and priests used this term to describe their practices. The first time a book was printed about Reiki was in 1919 by a Therapist from Japan.

The Reiki that we have commonly come to know today as ‘Reiki’ started life as a spiritual system taught by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui. In around the year of 1920 Usui, a devout Buddhist, had a Satori (a breakthrough, enlightenment) that allowed him to realize that the ultimate goal in life was to live by “unity of self through harmony and balance”. He created a system for doing so, based on Buddhist and Shinto beliefs that were held outside the confines of the very controlling Japanese government during his time (in Usui’s time, Religion that was not state run was forbidden). In around 1921 he started to teach others his system, calling it a ‘philosophical’ path, which was controlled by the Japanese Department of Education.

In around 1922, Usui’s friend started to teach his own ‘philosophical’ path that included hand healing as part of the practice. This system was based heavily on folk Shinto – which was outlawed during this time. In 1923, Usui added hand healing to his practice, as well as blessing ceremony (the predecessor to todays attunement) – both derived from his friend.

In 1925, several Japanese Navy Admirals joined Usui’s School. They became very interested in the hand healing methods, and, shifted focus of the school to devoting their time refining their practice at it. In 1926, Usui would pass away, leaving the school to his senior students and his friend.

In 1926, these people would found the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai – a memorial group dedicated to the work of Usui. They would recognize Usui, posthumously, as their first President. They would teach both Usui’s spiritual system as well as hand healing. As time went on, less and less of Usui’s spiritual system was being taught, reserved for more advanced students. Newer students would be taught hand healing methods instead.

In around 1928, Usui’s friend would leave the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai because of disagreements that he had with the way things were being run. He went on to found his own spiritual system and taught his own hand healing method.

In 1930ish, Dr. Hayashi, one of the Navy Admirals, would leave the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai because of differences in how things were being run. He went on to create his own style of Reiki (with many changes – focusing primarily on Hand healing), and, run his own healing clinic.

In 1935, a woman would seek out Hayashi for Reiki treatments and would be successfully healed by Hayashi. She would go on to learn Reiki from Hayashi. Her name was Hawayo Takata.

In 1938, Takata would bring ‘Hayashi Reiki’ to America, change it again, and call it Usui Shiki Ryoho. At this point, her Reiki looks nothing like the Reiki that the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai was teaching. Her Reiki was taught as a hand healing method and lacked much of the traditional spiritual teachings as well as the meditative practices common in Traditional Reiki.

In 1941, Japan would bomb Pearl Harbor. Americans would hate ANYTHING having to do with Japan. Knowing this, Takata would re-write Reiki history, telling a tale of Usui being both a Doctor and a Christian Minister. She did this with hopes that the USA was a very Christian Society, so, if she could make Reiki and Usui linked to Christianity, Americans would not have prejudices against either. Also, Takata believed that Doctors were universally accepted, so, making Usui a Doctor, she believed that Americans would be further put at ease.

After this, Takata would go on to teach 22 Reiki Masters with this ‘new’ Reiki. These 22 Masters would spread out across America and teach this system to the masses. This is where American Reiki was born.

Since that time, Reiki has been hacked, chopped, diced, sliced, deleted, omitted, replaced, combined, mixed, stirred, blended, improved, simplified, over-exaggerated, and combined with every new age thought to come about. New systems of Reiki are being invented every day. There are now thousands of ‘new and improved’ systems. Sadly, Reiki has been exploited and violated in every way possible. You can even find something called “Sensual Reiki”. Sadly, I dont think Usui had this in mind when he started teaching his Spiritual system in the 1920’s.

A LOT of misinformation now exists in the Reiki world, such as Reiki being Buddhist healing – it is NOT. Such as Reiki coming from Tibet – it DOES NOT (Reiki doesnt come from Atlantis, Mesopotamia, or outer space either). Such as Reiki being part of the Chakra system – NOT.

With all of these changes, most of the Traditional material that was once part of this spiritual system (that included hand healing) has been omitted, being replaced with who knows what and being passed off to the unsuspecting consumer as the latest and greatest thing in the Reiki world.

Also interesting, Usui Reiki Ryoho has remained alive and well in Japan during all of this ‘Americanization’ and has finally made its way to America. It is still being taught in a traditional sense, holding close to the traditional values and practices that the Senior members of the original Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai expounded.

It is a common bit of misinformation to translate Reiki as “universal energy”, where Reiki is thought of as purely a hands on healing modality. This is because the Japanese language has changed over time. The Reiki that Usui taught was named in old Kanji (old Japanese language). The common mis-translation in todays Reiki world comes from the use of new kanji (new Japanese language) script to make the translation.

In the Usui Reiki Ryoho style of Reiki (the most traditional form of Reiki), it is traditionally taught that the word Reiki – translated in the old Kanji script – means “spiritual essence” or “essence of being” and expounds the teachings of Usui-San – who was teaching a spiritual belief system where hand healing was but a very small part of the entire system. Those that worked with usui have said that when Usui talked of hand healing he did not use the word Reiki. Instead, when he talked of Reiki, he talked about our link with our essence of being – our connection with the past, present, and future.

The Usui system was a path that taught how to refine ones own spiritual self, to make oneself better by healing the spirit first, the mind second, the body third. His teachings were centered around the 5 Reiki principles and the Usui Dojo motto: “Unity of self through Harmony and Balance.”

It is also a common misconception that the chakras are a part of Reiki. They are not. The chakras are a part of Vedic philosophy which come from India. Reiki is based largely on Chinese influence, with Reiki being influenced heavily from Chinese Traditional Medicine and their energy system – which includes the Tan Tien and the Meridians. Traditional Reiki techniques are very similar to Kiko techniques (kiko is the Japanese form of Chinese Traditional Qi gung). This misinformation about the chakras in Reiki, that is very common in todays Western Reiki systems, was added to Reiki in the 1980’s by an American man named Arthur Robertson, who incidently invented the first ‘Tibetan Reiki’ style too. The chakra system is a foreign energy system to Japanese thought (being Indian in origin – derived from the Pali language – cakra), and, differs greatly from the Chinese Traditional medicine system of energy introduced to Japan between the 7-9th centuries. The Japanese dont even have Kanji script for the word Chakra.

Hand healing methods in Japan go back at least 2000 years, with ancient poems describing practitioners healing with the touch of their hands. This system of healing had many variations throughout Japanese history – the biggest being the introduction of Chinese Trad. Medicine and their energy system. It also spurred things like Shiatsu and Anma Japanese massage techniques. Hand healing is nothing new to the Japanese people.

In Traditional Reiki hand healing, the practitioner is taught to sense energetic disturbances within the body, and, bring balance back to the energetic system of the body by correcting these disturbances through the localization and concentration of ‘spiritual essence’ (often mistranslated as universal energy) from the practitioner to the client.

Reiki hand healing therapy can be used to help any aliment of mind, body, or spirit. It is a true holistic therapy. It works to aid and support medication as well as other therapies. It can be used on human, animal, or plant.

Reiki healing can be sent over distances – something called distance or absentee healing. The client does not have to be present for Reiki to work.

All in all, this is the short version of what Reiki is. I have given you the story of Reiki as taught by the original Usui Reiki Ryoho system. Other styles will tell you other things, depending on what they teach as Reiki.

I would recommend Frank Petters books if you’d like more info. For the most part it is historically accurate (coming from someone who knows Japanese history as well as Japanese culture and Theology). I would suggest not getting books by Diane Stein or Maureen Kelly (IMHO, these are typical new age versions of Reiki, presenting a lot of not so historically accurate info). Hope this helps.

Sharon asks…

I want to get Attuned to level 1 Reiki n want to join a grp that meet near nungambakkam, kilpauk or anna nagar

frankp57 answers:


Laura asks…

What are you most looking forward to?

frankp57 answers:

Getting my first reiki attunement in september! :)

Charles asks…

where can i find info on reiki?

want to try alternative solution.

frankp57 answers:

Many of the posters above had great answers.

Do find a master near you.

Please do not try to do lessons online. You can read a book on Reiki, but to actually use it, one must be empowered (attuned) by a Master of Reiki. Without the attunement, the Reiki energy will not flow thru you.

Attunement is a personal thing, you need to meet and know your teacher, be able to ask questions and have them answered.

Yes, I know that reiki can and is given long distance, but I use the old school approach that attunement is a hands on process done in person.

Good luck!

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