Your Questions About How Does Reiki Attunement Work

James asks…

A psychic yell awakened me…?

I am curious about something that occured a couple days ago. I had been sleeping for a few hours when I was jolted awake by someone pounding on what sounded like a door or wall and yelling my name at the top of thier lungs. It was a male voice and sounded familiar like I had heard this voice before but I was not sure. What really surprised me was that it was in my mind that I heard this. It did not actually happen in the physical sense. My Schnauzer sleeps at the foot of the bed and he is aware of spirits as he has a certain pitch in a protective growl that I reconginze but this yelling I heard did not wake him up. He was zonked out and if this yelling had occured in the house, he MOST definitely would have woke up and started barking himself. I don’t know what to make of it, this pounding and calling of my name, other then a possible ‘getting my attention’. I am spiritual and have had attunements in Reiki and have some intuitive skills but this was a new one for me, anybody have any thoughts as to what this was or have they experienced something like this themselves… and please no smart-a** remarks… not needed… ;-) Serious thoughts only please! thanks!
thanks for the responses.. some have been laughably absurd while others have helped me think in a bigger picture.. I do like the comment about it possibly being someone I know and or a chance to help someone. I will meditate on it and allow a clear mind to help idenitfy and or work thru a possible block. thanks guys!

frankp57 answers:

By the given set of facts, there must be a male friend who is in trouble and calls out to you through his subconscious.

Do try to recall the voice.

If unsuccessful, list down those male friends who are missing from your circle, unexplainably for the period covered. By the process of logical elimination, and mystic recall, you might come down to your object of inquiry.

Exercise caution, though.

It might not be a case of trouble at all, but a seething hatred towards you.

Linda asks…

Does Chi Kung need attunement like reiki?

please also introduce websites…

frankp57 answers:

It DOES require training, but it does NOT require an attunement or initiation. The exercises, done under a master, will induce the ability to channel energy.

Ken asks…

What is Catholicism’s problem with Reiki anyway?

I was just reading up on reiki cause I used to be into it but haven’t for a while. I got my first degree a few years back and can remember how it felt to be attuned to whatever the energy reiki uses quite well. Anyway in my travels I came across this little blog entry:

I found it interesting that this bunch of bishops thought that reiki isn’t scientific and is therefore banned to any catholic. The problem I have is that science doesn’t say anything about reiki itself, just that it hasn’t demonstrated any medical benefit. The energy used by reiki is still hypothetical according to scientific research, it hasn’t been disproved.

I think it is important to clarify this.

My “attunement” felt like a strange trickle of something (could have been cold or hot, hard to tell) in the top of my brain that seemed to expand and spread out to all of my brain and then tried to push itself back out the way it came and, because there was now so much more than before, got blocked up until it forced a wider “hole”, kind of like a broken dam. What I’m saying is that I’m absolutely certain this energy exists and I’m sure that others will attest to this as well. I’ve never really tried to heal myself with it because just feeling this energy was enough for me.

I’m not interested in the healing aspects of reiki for this argument anyway, whether it is a good healing practice or not doesn’t factor into my train of thought at the moment; I’m more interested in the source of the energy. If you’ve ever had reiki done on you and you felt the heat, the tingling sensation and the buzz from it afterwards then you will know what I mean. From a scientific perspective a thing needs to fill in a few parameters to be hypothetical: it must be predictable, repeatable and confirmable. There is quite a lot of evidence that these parameters being met by many people around the world. The only real stumbling block is there are no experiments designed to test this hypothesis, how could we? Where would we even start? The thing is that while people keeping feeling these sensations from this practice then the energy will remain hypothetical.

Many practitioners say that the power comes from God, I don’t cause that would make me a theist, which I’m not. I need something a little more than that: a better explanation. Maybe something more primal.

In any case the church is out to sink reiki completely. It seems they are really worried about this and rightly so: it could mean that literally anyone could be in contact with this energy.

Thanks for reading this.
@delta: from what I remember from my training you are supposed to visualize the energy entering you via the top of your head (what they call the Crown Chakra). It isn’t from within.

frankp57 answers:

To answer your main question, I have noticed the Abrahamic faiths have a “problem” with anything that doesn’t agree with their dogmatic thinking.

The practitioners of Reiki probably have a different definition of God. What they’re trying to say, is that the energy comes from within. The true self, which is divine in nature. Buddhist concepts of God are very very different from the theistic western concepts of God.

EDIT: I see, my mistake then. I don’t have much knowledge related to Reiki. You would know better.

Richard asks…

reiki mantras?

I want to know about some mantras in reiki and their usage!

frankp57 answers:

In order to learn the reiki mantras you got to get a reiki 2 attunement. There the teacher will show you the 3 symbols and teach you their mantras. You can find them online, but in order to use them you need to get an attunement.

John asks…

do u know anyone in bangalore who teaches reiki for free?

frankp57 answers:

A lot of people give away Reiki attunements for free over the internet. Just search for “free Reiki attunements” but remember you get what you pay for.
No one will “teach” you–you’ll MAYBE get a manual, maybe not, and that manual may or may not be well written and correct. Good luck.

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