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Reiki Therapy

Reiki therapy involves a lot of elements in just about every choice recovering method. This is because it makes use of sacred recovery, meditation, aromatherapy, naturopathy and also homeopathy among others to make the individual or one more feel greater. However exactly what makes this Japanese recovery art therefore different as well as Read more

An Introduction To Reiki

There are many people who have still not heard of Reiki and are therefore unaware of the workings of Reiki, the special healing attributes, effectiveness and the overall well-being powers that Reiki healing provides. The origins of Reiki and the background to the Reiki Masters and Reiki Practioners will become so much clearer when you […] Read more


For many people, the idea of Reiki healing is either just a new concept or, in many cases, a totally unknown concept. As far as it being a new concept, then this perception is very far from the truth. In fact, it is well known that Reiki is a spiritual practice initiated in 1922 by […] Read more

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