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For many people, the idea of Reiki healing is either just a new concept or, in many cases, a totally unknown concept. As far as it being a new concept, then this perception is very far from the truth. In fact, it is well known that Reiki is a spiritual practice initiated in 1922 by […] Read more

Does anybody here do reiki healing or other types of healing?

Can you send me some reiki energy right now? I had a tumor removed at 16 and surprisingly, hair is starting to grow over the scar where the tumor was removed. Not only that, but I’m also growing in height… even though I am 26 years old. I think it’s possible that God will restore […] Read more

Why didn't my Reiki attunment work?

This question is for people who believe/practice Reiki only,so I appreciate not getting useless or demeaning answers. I got attuned(I think) sayng something from a book I got at Borders but it didn’t seem to do a thing,so I did another one online,just looking at a screen and listening to someone telling me how to […] Read more

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