Is the system of REIKI Healing really effective?

Throughout the world stress, strain, mental and physical, diseases are growing in numbers varieties….and the usual forms of medical treatment often have no answer to many of the ailments. But alongside different forms of Alternative systems of treatments are gaining popularity. One such is the Reiki system. But is it genuine?

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One Response to “Is the system of REIKI Healing really effective?”

  1. Yes Reiki is very effective. It is not intended to replace modern medicine, and it can be very powerful.
    At minimum, it is relaxing. Taking the stress off of the body for a little while does help the body to heal itself naturally. But Reiki is more than just a relaxing therapy, it truly can help bring the body back into balance, relieve pain, strengthen immune system and help the body to heal faster. Mantra, who posted before me, is correct there are many scientific studies of measurable physiological effects of Reiki. In my personal life, I was healed of a life threatening condition that many doctors tried to treat for 7 years without success. I had to take many medications to keep me alive and suffering.

    I became a reiki master teacher, Practitioner and began self healing treatments every day. I also went to a practitioner to receive treatments once per week. Within 6 months my condition was cured and has not returned for about 6 years. I have seen many of my Reiki clients have reported great satisfaction withtheir healing through Reiki.

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