What Is Anugraha Reiki

There are many forms of Reiki healing, one of which being Anugraha Reiki. As previously mentioned on our How Does Reiki Work website, Reiki originated in Japan where the practice and the skills were developed and nurtured by a Tendai Budhhist called Mikao Usui in 1922. He was said to have discovered the technique after a 21-day retreat on Mount Kurama.

Whilst on the moutain Usiu spent his time meditating, fasting and praying during the retreat. He also claimed to have received some mystical revelation and was provided with the required knowledge as well as the spiritual power for healing.

Reiki supposedly is relatively easy and simple to use. Everyone is said to be able to use the Reiki system to achieve self spiritual healing as well as the healing of others. There are known to be three stages when it comes to teaching the system. These three stages are better known as degrees. The first degree normally teaches the basic theories and procedures when using Reiki energy.

This energy passes through the body via a channel which is opened by way of, what are known as, four “attunements” given by the Reiki master to the student. Also involved in this first degree of training is the learning of certain, specific hand placements that enables the Reiki energy to heal people.

The second stage, or degree, of Reiki training involves the use of the Reiki symbols and understanding how effective they can be when used to enhance healing. Reiki students also learn the necessary skills needed to provide distant healing. This provides the students with the ability to be able to heal others without being physically present.

The third degree of the Reiki training takes the Reiki student to the next level of enabling them to become a Reiki master. Once a student achieves the status of being identified as as a Reiki master, they may now be able to go further and attune others to Reiki and teach the Reiki system to others.

As time went by and skills, understanding and techniques developed, different forms of Reiki came into existence and each one of them provides different ways of providing spiritual healing. One of these different forms is the Anugraha Reiki which is a mystical healing art that started out in India.

The word “Anugraha” itself means “Grace”, which is considered as one of the five functions of the Divine that subsequently leads to Liberation or “Mukti”. Anugraha is often also referred to as the Power of Revelation. Alternatively, the word Anugraha is also said to relate to Mercy.

As with the Japanese form of Reiki, the first level of Anugraha Reiki primarily focuses on the art of self healing, self awareness, replenishment and perfecting relationship. A Diksha or attunement is administered to help activate rarely used parts of the brain. A very simple yet effective and advanced spiritual practice is taught to help transform a person’s consciousness and result to deep states of awareness within 30 days.

The ability to be able to heal others is the second level of the Anugraha Reiki focus. Sacred sounds are being taught during this informative period that are said to assist in the calling of positive consciousness. An advanced alternative form of meditation is also taught. A kind of special mantra used to call upon the presence is taught along with the methods for carrying out healing work both through personal and long distance means.

The third degree initiation of Anugraha Reiki involves the teaching of the inner circle workings, or esoteric usage of vital Reiki symbols that can be used for different means such as for astral projection, meditation, altering space or time, bridging the gaps between the worlds of life and death, and easing the transition process. There are an additional two master symbols also revealed.

In order for a student to succeed and qualify through to the third degree of teaching, the student themselves should already be relatively clear in their own mind of his or her own physical and psychological suffering.

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