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Everyone, without exception, deserves to be happy. For this to happen in our lives, there needs to be abundance and prosperity, two attributes which happen to be the fundamental principles in our lives. But how do we begin this Reiki journey?

Well, we should start with making a list detailing what we feel are important elements of our lives and then going through each element. Of this list we should only concentrate on those elements that add quality to our lives. There is much to learn and understand about Reiki and to comprehend exactly how does reiki work. We hope our How Does Reiki Work website provides you with enough information for you to gain a better understanding.   

REIKI HEALING | Alternative Therapies | Gumtree Australia …

"Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing practice, it is a gentle, handson technique that can help return us to balance and help to reduce stress Reiki ……/1003379560"

Hopefully the journey you take will be a happy and prosperous one and your understanding of how does reiki work enables you to enjoy life with a renewed, positive energy and great fulfilment. Watch the short video below – "Reiki, a Spritual Journey in the footsteps of Dr Usui" we are sure you will find it beneficial.



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