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Does anybody here do reiki healing or other types of healing?

Can you send me some reiki energy right now? I had a tumor removed at 16 and surprisingly, hair is starting to grow over the scar where the tumor was removed. Not only that, but I’m also growing in height… even though I am 26 years old. I think it’s possible that God will restore […] Read more

Is the system of REIKI Healing really effective?

Throughout the world stress, strain, mental and physical, diseases are growing in numbers varieties….and the usual forms of medical treatment often have no answer to many of the ailments. But alongside different forms of Alternative systems of treatments are gaining popularity. One such is the Reiki system. But is it genuine? Read more

Where can I go or look up to learn about Reiki healing?

It’s and interest of mine, as well as many other forms of alternative medicine. Thank you for your time. Read more

From where I can learn Reiki Healing and Self Treatment ?

I want to learn reiki .can anubody tell me that from where i can get good lectures for Reiki Healing and Self Treatment ? Read more

I want to start a Reiki at home business, do I need a license?

I want to start a Reiki business at home but was wondering if a license is necessary? If I have a Reiki certification is that enough to start a reiki practice in San Francisco? From what I know, I may either need a massage license, a business license, or both. Reiki is a form of […] Read more

Can someone master Reiki healing on there own?

I dont know anyone else who knows reiki healing so i cant be initiated by someone else. Can I master it on my own by reading books about it and meditation and practice? Read more

Reiki Healing?

Hi i’m a energy healer and I’m lookig for other energy healers that can direct me to the most popular sites where I can place my ad to get some clients. I live in New jersey and can do out-call work in NJ and Phila. and Delaware areas. thanks Read more

Assist Reduce Anxiety And Live your life Relaxed

When you’re anxious at the office or perhaps in class, provide a pressure ball. This will allow you to squash a thing each and every time you get annoyed aid pacify the stress that you simply come to experience. Retaining a tension ball for a very good portion of the day is surely a healthy […] Read more

You May Breathe Less difficult After Reading These Tips About Anxiety

A very good thought that can assist you keep your stress in examine is to hear soothing music. There are many different genres of music that could have a tranquilizing influence the times you get note of them. Enjoying a small amount of this jams every once in awhile assists a good deal. Apply your […] Read more

Are Panic Attacks Real?

Is Panic Away Real? Modern lifestyles expose individuals to a number of negative factors like excessive competitiveness, stress, work load and anxiety. As a result every one – men and women, old and young are at the risk of Panic attacks or anxiety attacks. These can be seriously harmful to a person, causing personal damage. […] Read more
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